Monday, January 11, 2010

bienvenidos gringos

Well, the stress and exhaustion has just about worn off, washed away by soft tropical air, good food, sand, sun, surf. We're in Sayulita, Nayarit. All is well. I just fell asleep in the hammock and woke up thinking of the beginning of Apocalypse Now, for some reason (Sayulita. Sh-t, I'm still in Sayulita...).

We left Reno on New Years Day and drove to Las Vegas for a few days and then on to Tucson. Along the way we had vanagon headaches, days of preparations (play for Ava), and a million little details to attend to. Daddy and I headed across the border at Nogales on Thursday. The customs check on the US side was so encouraging. After we explained ourselves sufficiently, the guy says, "Be real careful. They're killing people down there every night." Seriously. Other than having a hard time explaining to Mexican customs why two grown men were traveling with boxes and boxes of women's and childrens clothes, we had very few hassles on the way down. We've mostly been in Gringolandia the whole way. Though some have told us otherwise, swine flu, cartel violence, and the economy don't seem to have deterred the tourist masses.

After picking up D. and A. at the airport in Puerto Vallarta, we've spent a couple of days poking around the coast. Tonight, we are in a great little bungalow hotel in an ex-fishing-village-turned-international-laid-back-surf-town. This part of Mexico is so beautiful. There really is no way to describe the strangeness of driving from the snow to the tropics over the course of a week. Jungle, flowers, humidity, warm ocean, iguanas in the palms, geckos on the ceiling.

I was telling A. that it has only been ten days since she was at home in her bed, but of course it feels like a lot longer. It was hard leaving home. We had so many great goodbyes and so-longs. Thanks to all of you who helped see us off. Anyhow, I'm not sure how diligent I'll be updating the blog, but it seems like a much easier way to keep everyone up on the wayward Boehm Jackson conjunto. So, check back and see what we're up to...


  1. Sigh. Jealous.

    Ruby is already asking when Ava will be back. She misses her awfully!

    Can't wait to see/read more of your travels...

  2. Yeah, Ava gets all out of sorts thinking about home and Ruby. She will tell me just out of the blue, "Daddy, you know what? I miss Ruby." Just heart-rending stuff, really. She has befriended an older girl staying in the bungalow above, and Debbie heard her explaining that she had a friend named Ruby. She then tells her that she misses Ruby very much.

    I hope you are all well. I try to remind Ava that we miss Ani and Greg, too. But I don't think she takes this too seriously...

  3. We are doing pretty well. It's good to get back to reality after the holiday/Disney madness. But we are all looking forward to summer, no school and warm weather...