Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A carnival, of sorts

A. and I spent the evening down at the little plazuela below our house, where they have set up a mini-carnival in honor of the festival de Jesus. It's a big week for our neighborhood church. Every morning at 6:45, they are banging the bells, Quasimodo-style, every afternoon the danzantes are in the churchyard dancing the Matachinas. A. was beside herself with excitement. It was state-of-the-art fun (well, if you're a six-year-old...) and weird in only the way only a small Mexican carnival can be. Apparently.

I'll post soon on our trip to Mexico City, which was a regular pachanga. I've been too busy with work and fretting about the demise of higher ed. in NV. Anyhow, the world goes on, the show goes on....

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  1. Love those photos!

    The budget situation is frightening. I hope I manage to graduate before they shut the whole thing down. Ha ha?